Security and Disaster Recovery

How long can you afford for your operations to be down or at limited production?  Security and disaster recovery planning should be an integral part of every business, big or small.  If lacking, a single virus or hardware failure can have a devastating impact on your business. 

How protected is your business?

Micro Consultations emphasizes security and disaster recovery with all our clients.  With years of experience, we know how to incorporate proven industry leading technologies to protect your business.  Threats can emerge from anywhere and our holistic approach engages all aspects of your network and business.  We design your network from the ground up emphasizing security at every level from the desktop to your network edge devices.  We begin with an assessment of vulnerabilities, design a comprehensive plan and execute on that plan.  Once implemented, we manage and monitor your network.  In the event of a disaster, we will implement your disaster recovery plan to get you backup and running.

Our Expertise in Security & Disaster Recovery Include:

  • Network Edge Defense utilizing Cisco Security Platform
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Core Switch Design based on segmenting network traffic
  • DMZ Design
  • Security Audit and Alerts
  • Secure Remote Access over VPN
  • Server File and Directory Structure Security
  • Desktop Security
  • Symantec Anti-virus / Anti-Spam solutions
  • Automated Patching and Security Updates
  • Comprehensive Data Backup Strategies
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Internet Connectivity / fail-over strategies
  • UPS and Generator Solutions