Strategic IT Plannning

It is important to work with a partner who understands your business needs.  Resources are limited and maximizing your IT investment is a priority.  By taking both a short and long term approach, our team develops a strategy and implements it in phases that make practical and economic sense.  Our team steers management in the appropriate direction based on your industry’s standards, focuses on a consistent network design and always considers ease of support. 

We add value to your business in the follow ways:

  • Selection of software solutions that solve your business issues and improve productivity
  • Selection of the right hardware considering function, importance and long term value
  • Selection of the appropriate hardware warranties and support contracts based on function
  • Design of a hardware and software life cycle plan that maximizes value and performance
  • Selection of voice and data technologies and carriers that fit your business requirements
  • Network Design to maximize performance and security for LAN, WAN and VOIP
  • Design a security model and disaster recover plan that protects your data and network up time 
  • Build applications that automate processes and improve business functions